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The "Shaolin Temple" Phenomenon: The Success of Kungfu Movies and the Globalisation of Chinese Culture


In a century of Chinese cinema development, Kungfu is the only genre that can take the world by storm. From Bruce Lee to Jet Li to Donnie Yen, each generation of Kung Fu movies have their own unique features. In 1982, the phenomenal Chinese Kungfu movie "Shaolin Temple" smashed global box office record and set off a Kungfu craze that is beyond reach. A classic in the Kungfu genre, "Shaolin Temple" perfectly combines China's “nationalised system" with Hong Kong's advanced technology in Kung Fu movie production. Following its success, a series of Chinese Kungfu movies were later produced, and helped brought Chinese culture to the world. This talk will analyse the "Shaolin Temple Phenomenon" and explore the significance and importance of Kungfu movies in the globalisation of Chinese culture. 


时间:12.00pm  2.00pm




Speaker (主讲者)

Will DingMr Will Ding (丁威)



Since 2011, Mr Ding has published commentary articles on movies, stage production, and cultural aspects in Lianhe Zaobao under the pen name "Weiyan"(微言). He has previously worked as a newspaper editor and journalist, and is currently an associate lecturer in the Chinese programme of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), teaching communication and Chinese culture. He was awarded the University Teaching Excellence Award twice. Mr Ding has a master's degree in literature from the National University of Singapore.


Co-Host (主持者)

Dr FooAssociate Professor Foo Tee Tuan (符诗专副教授)




Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan, PhD (Ohio University, 2004) is the Director of Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (CCS@SUSS). He is also one of the curators for the Singapore Chinese Film Festival. Before joining SUSS, he served at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan).

Over the years, he taught courses in television production, visual communication, global media, and Asian cinema. As Director of the CCS@SUSS, Tee Tuan works closely with the Chinese-speaking communities both locally and overseas. He runs a fortnightly Chinese column that focuses on film, television, media, and local cultures in Singapore Press Holding’s Lianhe Zaobao.  


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