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Who Benefits

Every Gift, whatever the size, will make a difference and have a positive impact on our students. Donors can support a specific cause or give us the choice of utilising the Gift for the general advancement of education. Your Gift will enable us to maximise the support and opportunities for our students – both undergraduates enrolled in full-time degrees and adult learners seeking new skills to equip themselves in an ever-evolving global environment.

Whether your Gift goes to supporting students with scholarships, attracting and retaining faculty members, or providing state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the educational experience, it will have a lasting impact upon our lifelong learners.

  • SUSS Spirit Award:

    This Award recognises and honours Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) full-time students who have consistently demonstrated the “Heart” component of our educational philosophy – which is to nurture well-rounded graduates with the 3H’s “Head, Heart and Habit”. At SUSS, a graduate with “Heart” is one who is socially conscious with a desire to make positive changes in society.

    The SUSS Spirit Award is not open for application, but by nomination only. That we have received nominations from external organisations is an indication of our students’ contributions to, and impact on, the community.

  • Bursaries:

    Singapore citizens who require financial assistance may apply for SUSS bursaries, which will supplement their MOE Bursary or the CDC/CCC Bursary.  Applicants must be eligible for either MOE bursary or the CDC/CCC bursary before being considered for the SUSS bursaries.

  • Overseas Experiential Learning Trip:

    In view of the ever-evolving global environment, it is imperative that our students develop relevant capabilities and competencies so as to be able to respond swiftly to both the challenges and opportunities in Asia and around the world. Hence, the overseas experience in the form of Overseas Study Mission, Global Service-Learning project, Summer School or Work Attachment, is a mandatory graduation requirement at SUSS. 

  • Project Grants (Service-Learning/Community Engagement Programmes)

    At SUSS, Community Engagement is conceived as an integral part of the University’s learning ecology and as a process to empower students to further develop and act on their sense of social responsibility, grounded in real-world ideas and practices to contribute meaningfully to society.

    The Project Grants will, among other areas, be utilised as subsidies for training costs and expenses incurred by our financially disadvantaged students in the organisation of events and initiatives related to their Community Engagement Projects which are designed with the aim of having a positive impact on the community.

    Community Engagement is a mandatory graduation requirement for SUSS full-time degree programmes, and our students are expected to research, discuss and propose a Community Engagement Programme in consultation with our community partners. Our students’ Community Engagement Programmes can be generally categorised into six sectors; namely Ageing and Elderly; Community Building; Diversity and Inclusion; Environment and Sustainability; Health and Wellbeing; and Youth & Children.
  • Scholarships:

    In recognition of academic excellence and leadership qualities, SUSS offers scholarships to outstanding students pursuing their undergraduate studies at the University. Each scholarship is awarded for the minimum period required to complete the full programme of study and will cover 100% of the course fee (inclusive of government subsidy), including course materials, examination fee, and other compulsory fees.

  • Study Awards:

    In line with our commitment and continuous efforts to promote lifelong learning, we offer Study Awards to deserving students who may otherwise not be able to upgrade their knowledge and capabilities due to financial constraints. Study awards are given to students with good academic results. 

  • Study Grants:

    We are committed to providing a quality education for all our students and to ensure that no deserving student is denied admission because of financial difficulties. SUSS awards Study Grants to eligible students who are financially disadvantaged. The Study Grants will be used for the payment of course fees for the semester in which the Grants are awarded.

  • Awards and Book Prizes:

    Academic prizes are awarded annually to the top graduating students and may include cash, book prizes, medals and plaques. These awards are named after their respective donors and will be presented at the SUSS’ annual convocation ceremony.

    For the list of award winners, please click ***here***. Check out What Award Winners Say by​ clicking here.

At SUSS, learning is not confined to the classroom, and integral to all our programmes is a strong sense of social consciousness. Whether they are in arts, business, law, technology or social work, it is our goal to nurture our students to their fullest potential which includes the passion and determination to make a lasting difference in society.

You may designate your Gift to support a specific School, Department, or a particular programme within a School. Whichever School you decide to support, your Gift will be utilised towards further enhancing the quality of education and learning experience for our students.

For more information about our five Schools, please visit their respective sites:

Investment in human capital through education and training has been vital to the development and progress of Singapore since its independence. Given the pace of technological advancements and ever-evolving global environment, it is important that we continue to attract and recruit top academics and educators who will play key roles in training and preparing our students to link and apply the concepts learned in the classroom to the practical real world.

Your Gift will be channelled towards various initiatives, including Visiting Professorships, Faculty Appointments, Research, and Thought Leadership Conferences, among others.

Your Gift will help us develop and upgrade our resources and facilities, and is key to advancing the SUSS educational mission as well as meeting the evolving learning requirements of our students.

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